Just Fine Thank You play electric-ukulele driven, nerdily mischievious arrangements of favorite songs ranging from country to jazz standards to punk rock. We are: Becky Lang on ukuleles and vocals, Robin Hoffman on ukuleles and vocals, and David Pratt on percussion; and we are based in Western Massachusetts.

Robin Hoffman and Becky Lang's friendship began over an unexpected gift. Becky's daughter sent her an ukulele from Washington state and shortly after, Becky met Robin and discovered she taught ukulele. It was a sign from the universe to get serious about music again. From that chance beginning, a friendship evolved over similar passions in visual art and music.

The two women formed a band with another friend, Dave Pratt, and find joy in the collaborative effort of making music. The band is called "Just Fine Thank You". They play an ukulele-driven exploration of different genres with a mischeivious touch of, "What if we do it like this!"

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